WAves Wind water

This brand new collection of ambiences is a huge technological leap forward for us. Presented in Ambisonics, it’s ideal for use in VR or 360 video applications. The real beauty of this format, though, is the flexibility it provides the user to output such disparate formats as stereo, binaural, 5.1 surround, 7.1 surround and more. Furthermore, it’s possible to pick a listener perspective for any of these potential outputs.


PLants VS Sound guys

After working on a string of projects, we realized that almost every one of them needed the same thing: plant foley. After dragging messy plants, dirt, and bugs into the foley pit several times we hit on an idea - Let's just make one REALLY big mess and record every possible interaction with every plant we could find. The result was over two hundred discrete files (totaling over 3GB) and thousands of performances of high quality plant foley. Plus, a giant mess comprised of completely destroyed plant matter.



This library of environmental recordings is the culmination of three recording expeditions to the stunningly gorgeous Pacific Northwest. We visited a variety of locations ranging from urban Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle to the wild and untamed Olympic Peninsula. We captured dynamically disparate sounds such as a noisy Seattle shipyard and the quietest location in the continental US - deep within the primordial Hoh Rainforest. There are excellent crowd wallas, and contemplative mountain streams. From beaches to mountaintops to luxury high rises no environment was left un-recorded! This is what the Northwest sounds like!


Here’s our three part SFX philosophy:

1) Technical execution should be flawless.  High quality mics plugged into high quality pre-amps.  Attention paid to details such as mic placement, environmental control, good signal to noise ratio, etc.

2) Sounds should be highly usable.  It’s great to have a recording of a rare species of bird walking across a piano during a rainstorm, but will you ever use it?  Our aim is to provide sound editors and designers with valuable “go to” sounds for their core libraries.  All recordings will be presented with high sample rates, meta data tagging, and accompanying photographs for reference.

3) Processing should be kept to a minimum.  Many sound libraries are overly processed and render the sounds unusable in anything but the most over the top cartoon-ish scenarios.  We prefer to present our sounds in their raw state and leave any processing for effect to the end user.

See the individual product pages for more details.