NXNW - Cascadia 2017

This library of environmental recordings is the culmination of three recording expeditions to the stunningly gorgeous Pacific Northwest. We visited a variety of locations ranging from urban Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle to the wild and untamed Olympic Peninsula. We captured dynamically disparate sounds such as a noisy Seattle shipyard and the quietest location in the continental US - deep within the primordial Hoh Rainforest. There are excellent crowd wallas, and contemplative mountain streams. From beaches to mountaintops to luxury high rises no environment was left un-recorded! This is what the Northwest sounds like!

In all, this library features 69 individual files totaling over three hours of runtime. Uncompressed, the total size is over six gigabytes. All of the recordings have been edited to remove discernible dialog and unwanted noises. What’s left is pure, loop-able ambience suitable for no-fuss editing.

All sounds were captured on a Sound Devices 744T recorder sampled at either 48 or 96K. Microphones used include a Sanken CSS-5 stereo mic and a matched stereo pair of Sennheiser 8040s in ORTF configuration. All recordings are accompanied by a high quality photograph for reference (you could buy it for the photos alone in our opinion) and tagged with Pro Tools searchable metadata.

Full PDF of Sounds and Mics below:


Recordist, Producer, Editor - Jason Strawley
Photography, Video - Andrew Garraway
Asst Producer - James Nolan