Work For Hire

Blackguard Stock Media Group now offers the following services for hire from our Orlando, FL offices:

  • Custom Music Composition
  • Custom Sound Effects Recording
  • Photography
  • Production Sound Recording (service also available in Los Angeles, CA)
  • Sound Editorial
  • Sound Mixing
  • Voice-over Recording (including talent)
  • Foley Recording
  • ADR Recording

Facilities: Foley Stage / ADR, and Voiceover booth / Edit & Mix suite, Music Composition suite

Hardware: Sound Devices field recorders and mixers, Sennheiser microphones, custom built high-end PCs, Genelec studio monitors, Universal Audio interfaces, and more

Software: Avid Pro Tools, iZotope RX, Universal Audio plugins, Waves plugins, EastWest instrument libraries, Toontrack instrument libraries, Adobe CC, and more


Rates will vary based upon demands.  Please contact us directly at blackguardsmg[at] for a reasonable and expeditious quote.  We are happy to provide credits and references – just ask!