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Plants vs Sound Guys

Plants Vs Sound Guys
Plants Vs Sound Guys


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After working on a string of projects, we realized that almost every one of them needed the same thing: plant foley. After dragging messy plants, dirt, and bugs into the foley pit several times we hit on an idea - Let's just make one REALLY big mess and record every possible interaction with every plant we could find. The result was over two hundred discrete files (totaling over 3GB) and thousands of performances of high quality plant foley. Plus, a giant mess comprised of completely destroyed plant matter. Don't worry - most of it was yard waste put to use for a higher cause.

Now the tech specs! All plant sounds were performed on a state of the art foley stage and recorded at 96K/24 bit into a Zaxcom Fusion recorder. We used a stereo pair of Sennheiser 8040s for the stereo files. The mono files were recorded with a Lewitt LCT550(close mic'd and brighter to cut through a mix) and a Sennheiser MKH60 (more distant and a little darker). The resulting sounds were then painstakingly edited for usability in Pro Tools. All files include Pro Tools searchable metadata tags.

Plant categories include (but are not limited to):

-Twigs, Sticks, and Branches                                    -Leafy Branch
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-Pine Branch                                                              -Palm Frond
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-Saw Grass                                                                 -Dry Leaves
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-Wet Grass                                                                 -Dry Grass
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Here's a complete PDF table of contents:

Plants Vs Sound Guys PDF

Foley Artist, Producer, Editor - Jason Strawley
Recordist, Editor - James Nolan
Photography, Asst Foley Artist - Andrew Garraway

Demo video

PLEASE NOTE: Your download link will include two parts. Part one is the 96K version. Part two is the 48k version if you're looking to save a little space.

This product's license is intended for a single user only. For a multi-user or facility license please contact us directly via blackguardsmg[at]gmail.com

All sounds & images copyright 2016 BlackguardSMG

Price: $120.00
Price: $60.00