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Ten Inch Tails Pack

Ever surprising, ever defying of traditional logic, one of the edgiest icons of underground music has emerged on top in recent years.  Figure out who…our library title isn’t exactly subtle.  Scores of albums, sold out concert tours, and loads of commercial success are nothing new, but the recent film scores complete with legitimate accolades and awards prove there is something grand at work with the man.

Having been a die hard fan since about 1993 (amazingly, we’re not old enough to have gotten in on the ground floor), part of me feels vindicated that I was right all this time.  So – this pack is our homage to one of our biggest inspirations.  We’ll touch on everything from the early industrial days, to the New Orleans Nothing era stuff, on to the transition to LA (with a little bit more sunshine in the music) and the latter day film score work.   Enjoy, and try not to get your soul crushed.  We can’t be held accountable.


Celebrating The End
Celebrating The End
Not everyone will be sad when the world ends. I guess it depends on how it all goes down. Some ends are better than others. Bleak, right? Deal with it. This piece has influences ranging from Indonesian gamelan ensembles to industrial, goth rock and glitchy electronic beats. It's perfect music for ironic end of the world parties.
Price: Handful of Animal Teeth
Price: $30.00