How It Works

So, you’ve listened to some of the demos and you’re interested in buying royalty free music.  Congratulations on your fantastic taste!  We’re sure you have some questions now.  Read on for answers.  If your question isn’t addressed below reach out to us directly at



What am I buying?  Each composition is lovingly crafted by a starving musician in our state of the art facilities.  For the paltry sum of just $30 you can own unlimited rights to one.  Use it as many times you want – in as many projects as you want – without ever paying us another cent.  Here’s a copy of the license you’re buying along with the music [insert link to Blackguard SMG royalty free license here]  There are several advantages to our compositions besides this very flexible license.

Do you write with editors in mind? Why, yes – each composition is actually a small armada of compositions.  In addition to the primary composition (which will always exceed two minutes in length) we offer four alternate mixes (or segments) of varying lengths from just seconds to over a minute.  We’ve tried to create a couple of different feels with these alternate mixes by re-arranging the instrumentation and order, and even by writing new parts on occasion.  We hope this flexibility will serve to make life easier and maybe even stir up ideas by introducing new unexpected themes.  Each composition offers five to ten minutes of custom content.

Purist or pragmatist?  Either way we have you covered.  All of our compositions come in two formats.  Full, uncompressed CD quality .wav files for the audio snob and compressed .mp3s (320 kbps – anything less would be uncivilized) for the down-and-dirty, get it done with as little storage as possible crowd.

Is this really stock music?  It’s actually interesting to listen to… Why do we live in a world in which this question needs to be asked?  Who is the genius that decided that all stock music should be as bland as possible?  Yeah, it’s supposed be unobtrusive, but have some soul!  We unapologetically have fun writing this music.  If this makes us the bad guys of stock music then so be it!  Why do you think we call ourselves Blackguard?  Hopefully, the fun we’re having shows through and gives your project yet another competitive edge that others lack.



Will you guys score my movie?  Blackguard SMG offers custom compositions.  If you like our royalty-free work, but need something unique for your project with an exclusive license we’re happy to help.  Of course, exclusivity comes at a (very reasonable) price.  Contact us with details for an estimate at  We’d love to become part of your creative team!



What’s a pack?  We’ve opted to organize all of our compositions into packs.  Every once in a while we decide on a new pack to work on and we don’t stop until we’ve composed, mixed, mastered, and segmented ten songs, all based on a theme.  There may be several different genres of music and lots of varying moods within a given pack, but all compositions will share some sort of connection.  Buy an entire pack – get a discount.  Ten songs consisting of well over a gigabyte of content for $250.



Create your own six pack for $150.  Want to buy a handful of songs from different packs?  Don’t worry about sticking to a pack – we’ve got a bulk discount for you too.  As a reward for thinking outside the box we’ll give you a sixth track for free when you buy five (in the same transaction). 

Buy from our Grab Bag.  We have a decade old archive of various pieces that don’t fit into an established pack.  In some cases, we’ve lost the original session file which leaves us unable to segment these compositions to the borderline obsessive extent that we’ve committed to with our latest work.  Whatever the cause, these perfectly good pieces of music are black sheep.  Browse around, listen to some demos and buy them “as is” for a discounted rate.  All miscellaneous tracks include the same flexible license as official compositions.  Prices will vary, be sure to check.