Plants Vs Sound Guys

Blackguard SMG is proud to announce the next title in our SFX category!    It is our philosophy that SFX should be highly usable, and we believe you will find our latest library to be just that.

In project after project we were being asked to record foley, and found that in just about every instance people were interacting with plants in one way or another.  Whether it was footsteps, impacts, whooshes and byes, or something more exotic – we kept getting our foley stage dirty in the pursuit of quality sound.  We looked into using library sounds, but nothing fit quite right.  Either the sounds were recorded in the field (and thus riddled with noise, birds, bugs, etc) or just weren’t edited and curated well enough to be useful.  After seeing this void in the high end SFX market repeatedly, it dawned on us that this was going to be our first in-depth library.  Here are the bullet points:


-Recorded in a state of the art foley stage

-Multiple mics to fit the needs of your mix

-96K/24 Bit (48k available)

-Searchable metadata tags

-Edited and curated with usability in mind


Whether you’re in the film industry, or a game designer we feel that this library is a necessary tool for your arsenal and one that you’ll return to time and time again.

Thanks as always, and enjoy!

-Blackguard SMG