NXNW – Cascadia 2017 – Sounds of the Pacific Northwest

Blackguard SMG is thrilled to announce our latest SFX library!

This library of environmental recordings is the culmination of three recording expeditions to the stunningly gorgeous Pacific Northwest. We visited a variety of locations ranging from urban Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle to the wild and untamed Olympic Peninsula. We captured dynamically disparate sounds such as a noisy Seattle shipyard and the quietest location in the continental US – deep within the primordial Hoh Rainforest. There are excellent crowd wallas, and contemplative mountain streams. From beaches to mountaintops to luxury high rises no environment was left un-recorded! This is what the Northwest sounds like!

Buy now and we’ll include a small selection of ambiences from the Irish country-side that James gathered on a recent trip home.

In all, 76 highly usable ambiences totaling over three hours for a very affordable price!


Blackguard SMG





Plants Vs Sound Guys

Blackguard SMG is proud to announce the next title in our SFX category!    It is our philosophy that SFX should be highly usable, and we believe you will find our latest library to be just that.

In project after project we were being asked to record foley, and found that in just about every instance people were interacting with plants in one way or another.  Whether it was footsteps, impacts, whooshes and byes, or something more exotic – we kept getting our foley stage dirty in the pursuit of quality sound.  We looked into using library sounds, but nothing fit quite right.  Either the sounds were recorded in the field (and thus riddled with noise, birds, bugs, etc) or just weren’t edited and curated well enough to be useful.  After seeing this void in the high end SFX market repeatedly, it dawned on us that this was going to be our first in-depth library.  Here are the bullet points:


-Recorded in a state of the art foley stage

-Multiple mics to fit the needs of your mix

-96K/24 Bit (48k available)

-Searchable metadata tags

-Edited and curated with usability in mind


Whether you’re in the film industry, or a game designer we feel that this library is a necessary tool for your arsenal and one that you’ll return to time and time again.

Thanks as always, and enjoy!

-Blackguard SMG


Phase Two

Hello, and welcome to phase two of Blackguard Stock Media Group!  We are proud to announce that starting in late 2015 Blackguard SMG will begin offering high quality sound effect libraries.  As with our musical offerings, we have an opinion on what makes for a high quality sound effect:

First Technical execution should be flawless.  High quality mics plugged into high quality pre-amps.  Attention paid to details such as mic placement, environmental control, good signal to noise ratio, etc.

Second Sounds should be highly usable.  It’s great to have a recording of a rare species of bird walking across a piano during a rainstorm, but will you ever use it?  Our aim is to provide sound editors and designers with valuable “go to” sounds for their core libraries.  All recordings will be presented with high sample rates, meta data tagging, and accompanying photographs for reference.

Third Processing should be kept to a minimum.  Many sound libraries are overly processed and render the sounds unusable in anything but the most over the top cartoon-ish scenarios.  We prefer to present our sounds in their raw state and leave any processing for effect to the end user.

Look out for SFX additions beginning in the third quarter of 2015.  As always, feel free contact us at Blackguardsmg@gmail.com.  Thanks!


Coming Soon

Hello.  Welcome to the home page of Blackguard Stock Media Group!  Everything is currently under construction, but check back soon – we hope to have this site up and running within the month.  Looking for some royalty free music for your next project?  Shoot an email to Blackguardsmg@gmail.com for now and we’ll get you set up.

We provide high quality stock royalty free music with a healthy dose of personality at rates that are reasonable and even borderline irresponsible on our part.  Hopefully, the fun we have with this project shines through in the compositions.  We think that it will and your project will benefit from that spirit.

Also, we do exclusive custom compositions as well.  Contact us directly for rates.